A downloadable game for Windows

Strid is a 2.5D online shooter with support for up to 64 players.

Invite your friends and play as a squad.
Choose between 7 different kits, each holding 5 unique items with varying strategic purposes.
Use vehicles such as battle tanks, helicopters, dirtbikes and more.
Construct or destroy terrain to your advantage.
Use smokes and flashbangs to distract enemies in close quarters firefights.
Out-manouver your enemy by utilizing the fog of war.
Capture and hold more flags than your enemy to win the battle.
Expand your arsenal by unlocking new weapons with increasing experience.

Requires Windows 7 or better and OpenGL 4.3.
Intel HD graphics has not been tested much.

Enjoy and please send me feedback if you run into any problems.

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Install instructions


Open /Client_Release/Strid_Client.exe to play the game.
If you start and only see a console window with nothing going on, just wait for the program to start! It can take up to one minute. Sometimes the first start takes long, maybe because the anti-virus is looking through all files.


Server_Release/Strid_Server.exe is the server program. You can start this separate to host a dedicated server, to connect outside LAN behind router, open the ports:
UDP 17112
TCP 17113

You can also host a game from inside the client, this will simply start Strid_Server.exe and connect to the local host.

Local Multiplayer

The local multiplayer is a fake split-screen that actually is just 4 processes running side-by-side. Players 2,3,4 must use Xbox-360 controllers, player 1 can use keyboard and mouse. Run splitscreen by opening the shortcut in Client_Release/Strid Splitscreen. Requires a pretty good computer and internet since it runs 4 instances of the game at the same time.

Anti Virus

The program will write to files, for example to save user info and download the map when connecting to a server. Therefore it must run as administrator.

Avast and other anti-virus software might want to quarantine the program, if you run avast in silent mode you will be able to connect and play for a few seconds, then the program is closed, deleted and quarantined. I guess this is because the .exe is not digitally signed (costs money), it uses the file system and sends a lot of game data like input. But I can guarantee you that there is nothing malicious about this software.


Strid Alpha 10.0.zip (52 MB)

Development log