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Strid is a 2.5D online shooter with support for up to 64 players.

Invite your friends and play as a squad.
Choose between 7 different kits, each holding 5 unique items with varying strategic purposes.
Use vehicles such as battle tanks, helicopters, dirtbikes and more.
Construct or destroy terrain to your advantage.
Use smokes and flashbangs to distract enemies in close quarters firefights.
Out-manouver your enemy by utilizing the fog of war.
Capture and hold more flags than your enemy to win the battle.
Expand your arsenal by unlocking new weapons with increasing experience.

Requires Windows 7 or better and OpenGL 4.3.

Playing with an account that will enable unlocking of new kits and score tracking currently requires playing on Steam and buying the DLC:

Free version on Steam:

On IndieDB:

Install instructions


Strid_Server.exe is the server program. You can start this separate to host a dedicated server, to connect outside LAN behind router, open the ports:
UDP 17112
TCP 17113

You can also host a game from inside the client, this will simply start Strid_Server.exe and connect to the local host. Anti-Virus should be okay with running the client and server executables, but might scan through them initially, so there might be some delay the first time you host a game.


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