Strid Alpha 10.0


  • Angle guide for vehicle crosshairs
  • The closest spawn will automatically be selected on death


  • 2 seconds spawntime
  • Dying now costs the team one ticket
  • Smoke grenades now have gravity
  • Slightly faster helicopters
  • Faster initial speed on PVR
  • Replaced the black shade of vehicle crosshairs with fog outside weapon max angle
  • Decreased overall max zoom
  • Increased visual range on LMG (Alternative machine-gunner)
  • Decreased reload time on GRG
  • Slight improvements on maps DESERT and BLACK SAND
  • Overall faster bullets
  • Fixed an in-game crash


Performance is pretty bad at the moment, the CPU time is very high, and there are some graphics glitches on AMD, will fix when I have time.


Strid Alpha 52 MB
Jul 13, 2017

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