Strid Alpha 10.0


  • Angle guide for vehicle crosshairs
  • The closest spawn will automatically be selected on death


  • 2 seconds spawntime
  • Dying now costs the team one ticket
  • Smoke grenades now have gravity
  • Slightly faster helicopters
  • Faster initial speed on PVR
  • Replaced the black shade of vehicle crosshairs with fog outside weapon max angle
  • Decreased overall max zoom
  • Increased visual range on LMG (Alternative machine-gunner)
  • Decreased reload time on GRG
  • Slight improvements on maps DESERT and BLACK SAND
  • Overall faster bullets
  • Fixed an in-game crash


Performance is pretty bad at the moment, the CPU time is very high, and there are some graphics glitches on AMD, will fix when I have time.


Strid Alpha 52 MB
Jul 13, 2017


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and will it be 32-bit too


32bit is currently not planned. If it's not too much work it might be added in the future.

how much will it cost the full version

and tnx for answers i rly cant wait for game too come out

yeah tank you answers and how about clans or friends there will be some like that 


Prize of full version will be 5€ or 6$.
There is currently no in-game clan or friend system, though you can join a friends game on steam by clicking join game in steam friends.

one more thing game will have dlc's  and oflline mode. beacus i dont now :3

There will be a free version that can play without an account, and thus cannot gain points to unlock alternative kits.
The paid version will enable login to an account that will save your score to unlock an alternative kit for each standard kit whenever enough score is gathered.

Yes you can play offline vs bots or on LAN or online.

tnx for answers i cant wait it but? it will be free?

is there a download?

Currently there is no official download. But will soon be available on steam and itch

hi when will be on steam?


Should be there soon, maybe a month


october 26 i think

I am so hyped for this game, its 

looking great!

Hi Bro !!!