Strid Alpha 8.0


  • Stationary anti-air gun
  • Stationary machine-gun
  • Added the new stationary guns to most maps on defensive positions
  • Guided missiles have a delay before starting "rocket engines" after fired
  • Added some noise to rocky areas on most maps for more 3D-ish effect
  • Added point-lights to rockets


  • Slightly faster bullets
  • Fixed camera glitch when close to edge of map
  • Fixed bug where everyone would hear thermals being toggled (T).
  • Prettier smoke
  • Prettier GUI
  • Better AI
  • Bots have human-like names instead of BOT #1
  • Bots give helpful tips in all-chat
  • Red crosshair instead of green, since one team is green now
  • More randomness to smoke and blood effects


Strid Alpha 55 MB
Jun 19, 2017

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